The World's Strictest Parents - Johannesburg, South Africa



Aussie teens Dillan and Hannah will be staying with South African couple Andrew and Charnell de Kock, who believe the key to bringing up angelic kids is through clean living and the strict moral teachings of the Mormon faith.

Andrew imports medical technology, while wife Charnell is a part-time student counselor and special needs teacher. Three of their four children are students while the eldest is a missionary in Uganda. "Our religion isn't just something we go to on Sunday, it's a way of life," says Andrew. "We are trying to live a Christ-like life." And in the de Kock house, this means plenty of rules. "We have rules with internet access, we have rules with behaviour and code of conduct, we have rules with language, we have rules with interaction with people around them, we have rules with chores," says Charnell. "The rules are there for them and for us to function in society and to function as a family." The de Kock kids can only watch PG rated television. Andrew and Charnell also keep a close eye on the music they listen to, the movies they watch and the company they keep. "We monitor their friendships - that's important," says Charnell.

This family has its own 10 point code of conduct, incorporating trust, work and respect. Every child in the de Kock family is expected to strictly abide by this code. "Teenagers have too much freedom," says Andrew. "And as a result I feel that they perhaps are behaving in a way that is unbecoming of decent young men and young women." The de Kocks believe a healthy body is as important as a healthy mind. You won't find any tea, coffee or cola in their house. As a matter of fact, you won't find any caffeinated drinks or foods that are considered addictive. "It's important to fill the body and mind with wholesomeness," says Charnell. Andrew adds, "We'd like to show Hannah and Dillan that happiness can be found by adherence to principals."