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One of the biggest challenges each day for a business owner like yourself is finding the right prospects today.

Today is important, if there are no leads there are going to be no sales.

Online people are searching daily.

There are people looking for products or services every day.

The biggest challenge is getting them to your business.

There are a multitude of different ways available, but what most of us forget is only a small percentage are “now” buyers.

You have to try to get as many of the “now” buyers in, they are the money you will need at the end of the month.

So how do you filter the buyers and the non-buyers from one another?

Here is one way (we will be looking at the other ways in later posts)

The form you want them to complete will have a big impact on your ability to filter them.

There are the ones that will call, they are now buyers anyway.

The people who are completing the form are the ones you want to filter.

One of the most effective ways is to add more form fields to your form.

So instead of just asking for a name, phone number, email and comments, also add 2 to 3 extra fields where they provide further information specific to your product.

In different terms it is known as increasing anxiety, the more fields there are the higher the anxiety created.

By increasing the anxiety you are filtering the non-buyers from the now buyers.

Most non-buyers will not complete the form and answer all the questions while the person who is serious about purchasing will.

Your conversions and leads will become less when you do this, but if you only want the serious buyers this is one of the best ways to find them.

A non-buyer does not mean a person will not buy, it just means they are not ready to buy right now.

Over the next few emails I am going to show you how you can easily do this without losing people who might still buy a month from now.

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