Mannatech South Africa- Mannatech Business Plan - Cape Town - Johannesburg - Pretoria



Mannatech South Africa- Mannatech Business Plan - Cape Town - Johannesburg - Pretoria ---

Join us to understand more about the Mannatech Business Plan South Africa.

Johnny Quin, Dewan Hattingh and Craig Ellis on a training call explaining the ins and outs of the Mannatech Business Plan.

What you need to know before you join mannatech as well as important factors to consider after you joined Mannatech.

Craig explains about Mannatch Europe, Mannatech America and how well Mannatech South Africa is growing.

Mannatech South Africa - Mannatech Business Plan - Cape Town

Craig Ellis touches on 'direct selling' - wall street saying that NOW is the right time for direct selling.

Right now there is about 70 000 people world wide, that is looking for an opportunity like this - every single day!

Craig also talks about retirement - retirement gives you two things - Time and Money
Craig also talks about a book during this mannatech training session;
The book discussed is called:
'The New Professionals'..

We also touch on Robert Kiyosaki and the importance of trading time for money, or better knows as passive income.

Donald Trump,
Warren buffet,
Bill Clinton,
Biill Gates = all these top leaders are recommending network marketing.

This training session explains more about exactly what network marketing is and how it works and how we can make it work for us.

We do network marketing every single day - but we not aware of of it and therefore we don't get paid for it - We want to change that for you with mannatch.

We want to first make you aware of it and then we want to show you how you can get paid while doing it.

We talking about the 8 protein sugars that is grucial for the body to function properly.

Currently we only have about two of those present in the body.

How can we get our bodies to function on all 8? - Ambrotose .. Craig explains more about the technology behind Ambrotose and where you can buy in in South Africa.

How does the business plan work?

Craig explains all the ins and outs of exactly how the mannatech business plan works.

Craig explains how to get involved with Mannatech, how to get an account number, how much it costs to join mannatech. The price of joining Mannatech, everything you need to know on how to get started with mannatech.

Step 2 - Talks about the AO or better know within the manantech industry as an Automatic Order.

With your Mannatech AO switched on - you will get your product delivered to you every 28 days.

Mannatech South Africa- Mannatech Business Plan - Cape Town - Johannesburg - Pretoria

The differences between all the different levels of directors within Mannatech as well as the earnings for everyone of those.