Johannesburg Neighbourgoods Markets



One of the best parts of travelling is making little discoveries that you just can't wait to tell all your friends and fellow travellers about - the Johannesburg Neighbourgoods Markets was one of those discoveries for me. It is just such a great way to spend a Saturday in Joburg.

I would say "pure over-indulgence" is an accurate description of the day you can expect to have here. But not only is there an entire floor packed with steaming pans of paella, piles of artisan produce, crackling barbecues and buzzing wine bars, but up a small flight of stairs there is yet another entire level selling the latest in South African fashion... and a huge open-air balcony where you can eat and drink overlooking the sprawling city of Gold.

It's kinda hipster, its kinda gourmet, its very community-driven and it is a Johannesburg inner-city institution.